Scott's 3rd 50km

Treadmill Challenge

OCTOBER 26th & 27st 2019


Scott completed 50km on Saturday the 26th and followed it up with 30km on Sunday the 27st.


Scott ran a 50 cents for 50km campaign with the community filling up his giant Stickman Money Box!


Thank you to Alti2ude High Performance Gym for training Scott in preparation for this Challenge and for loaning us the treadmills!

Becoming a Million Dollar Partner

Scott is Telethon's Littlest Biggest Fundraiser having raised over $112,000 by the age of 10. It is Scott's dream to raise a lot more than that!! Scott hopes to become a Million Dollar Partner by the time he is 90.​

Scott's Photography

Scott hopes to hold an exhibition at some point to showcase the photos he took on his 82km hike along the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies as well as photos telling the story of his life. He hopes to show that you don't need to have age, power or money to be able to change the world, you need passion, determination and to believe in what you are doing. Here are some of his photos from Canada.....


Scott's Book- Did You know, You can Change the World?

Scott wanted to do something special for the 50th Telethon so he wrote and illustrated a book. Proceeds from the book sales will go to Telethon.

Thank you to Dixie & Terry for sponsoring the printing of the book, to Millsy & Baz on 6PR for interviewing Scott and to Scott Print for printing the book.

Head to our shop page to purchase the book.

Scott's Marathon

On June 3rd 2019 Scott completed his 6th 42.195km Marathon. This was his 10th Great Walk down the Koolyanobbing Road. His little brother Damien was out the front on his bike setting the pace and they made it in a record time of 7 hours!

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