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Book Scott as a Speaker 

The story Scott has to tell is one of determination and courage. He speaks of the difficulty he had in getting us on board with his dream, how hard it can be to go on when his body wants to stop, what motivates him to never give up, moving from our farm to the city so his brother who has Autism can access services in Perth which means spending a lot of time away from Dad who still works on the family farm, what its meant to him growing up with a brother who has extra needs, losing his young cousin last year and keeping his memory a part of what he is doing and what his new goals are for the future now he’s reached his original goal of raising $100,000 for Telethon by the time he was 10.


Scott ends his speech with his motto “it’s easy to make a difference, what can you do?” and he really does get kids and adults alike thinking just that. 


Scott has done his speech many times now to a variety of audiences including primary and high schools, clubs, groups and businesses. Last year Scott spoke at the Telethon Beneficiaries Event where there were approximately 500 people in the audience which included the Prime Minister in the front row. 


Scott loves sharing his story and inspiring others to get involved and make a difference in something that is important to them. 


You can watch Scott’s Telethon Beneficiaries Speech with the following link 


We have a slide show that goes with Scott’s speech and usually play his highlights video of his most recent Marathon and his hike in Canada so you can get a feel for what the challenges are like. We have all equipment needed (screen, projector and microphone) but are happy to use yours if you have them. 

If you would like to arrange for Scott to speak for you please contact us via the enquiry button. 

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