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The reason for

 the balloon in our Logo

In April 2015 Scott was devastated when his cousin Joel passed away. Joel was only 6 and he was a huge part of Scott's walk day. He always appeared just at the right time to give Scott a boost of energy. They would walk along and chat about everything and nothing. If Scott was laying on the road because he was so tired he thought he couldn't go on Joel would put out his hand and help him up saying "come on Scotty, I'll help you." 


You could see the admiration Joel had for Scott by the way he looked up to him. Scott loved being Joel's older cousin and he adored Joel.


When Joel passed away he left a hole that will never be filled. Scott wanted to keep Joel a part of his walk day so every 5 kilometres we let go of an orange balloon. Orange was Joel's favourite colour and it has become a very important colour to Scott. 

Scott decided to have the orange balloon in his logo and has dedicated his walks to Joel's memory. 

Joel always had a spring in his step, a smile and a giggle that brighten our day. He will be forever missed but we know he's walking along up there with us.

Scott, Joel, Damien & Angelo
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