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Your donation could save a child's life, 

fund ground breaking research, 

purchase equipment or implement a program and so much more!

Please click on the Donate button and give to this great cause, any amount big or small makes a difference.

Thank you for supporting Scott and for helping him help Telethon. 

Would you like to become a Corporate Sponsor for Scott's Great Walk for Telethon?

Without the generous support of the community around us Scott would not be able to reach his fundraising goals. We are always looking for more sponsors to come on board and become a part of Scott's team. 

Its a great opportunity to do something great for the Western Australian community while supporting a young kid doing everything he can to help others.

If you would like to discuss becoming a partner we would love to hear from you!! Please click on the button to start the conversation today 

Can you partner with Scott to help him grow Scott's Great Walk? 

All the money collected by Scott's Great Walk goes to Telethon.

This means that any additional cost incurred we cover with our own personal money and we are limited by our budget and what we can achieve. 

If you are a business or individual that would like to help Scott in areas like (but not limited to) printing, promotional materials, sponsoring workshops, printing a second book, providing products for raffles or to be used as prizes at events, Scott's podcast, a sausage sizzle or anything else you think would be helpful please get in touch!!

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