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Where does your donation go?​

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a West Australian based, registered charitable trust that has a philosophy to financially support the medical and social welfare of children and young people, and to fund research into children's diseases. 

Since the first Telethon on Channel 7 on November 29 1968, Telethon has raised over $231 million and provided much needed financial assistance to over 150 organisations including children's hospitals and research/medical facilities in Western Australia.

What is Scott's aim for 2020?

This year I was hoping to raise $24,000 because that will take me to $200,000 raised since 2010 but in a year that has seen the world change in such a sudden and unexpected way it feels a little awkward asking for donations. 


Since I was 4 years old I have walked to help sick kids and babies but I have never walked to a dollar amount so even if only a few dollars can be raised I will still be walking. Telethon has always been about all of the little amounts of money from everyday Western Australians coming together to create a big amount. I always say "it's easy to make a difference, what can you do?" so if you can spare a little amount please know I am always so grateful for your help, but even more than ever knowing how hard things are for everyone right now.  


This year I am 14 years old and this will be my 11th Great Walk for Telethon. This WA Day,  Monday the 1st of June I will be walking 42.195km (my 7th Marathon) down the Koolyanobbing Road to the Southern Cross Oval to raise money for Telethon so they can help sick kids and babies.


In an uncertain year it's hard to know what this years Telethon Weekend will look like but no matter what I will still be doing my 50km Treadmill Challenge, it will be my 4th Treadmill Challenge and this year I will complete 50km on a Saturday and 40km the Sunday. We will announce a date later in the year once we know what is going to happen.


I'm still selling my book 'Did You know, You can Change the World" with proceeds from the book sales going to Telethon and part proceeds of my clothing sales also going to Telethon. Due to the current situation we have closed our online shop for now but will have it back up and running as soon as possible. 


Many Thanks,

Scott Guerini

Upcoming Events:


WA Day Monday 1st of June 2020: Scott's 11th Great Walk/7th Marathon down the Koolyanobbing Road

TBA: Scott's 4th 50km Treadmill Challenge

Scott's Book- Did You know, You can Change the World?

Scott wanted to do something special for the 50th Telethon so he has written and illustrated a book. Proceeds from the book sales will go to Telethon.

Thank you to Dixie & Terry for sponsoring the printing of the book, Millsy & Baz on 6PR for interviewing Scott and to Scott Print for printing the book. 

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